One morning she wakes up different

Every time I ask myself ( with every wonder that happen to me) , how much can this actually restrict me from living a normal life ? Well, if my heart says .. Nah..!! Not much .. you have seen much more worse than this..
THAT is quite a big assurance given by my heart to my Brain . Lol..!!
Then , 
Then sweetheart, I take that “wonder “ onboard and look forward to come out “Alive & satisfied “ from that in as much normal way as I can without panicking & offending people, who are just looking for some tinniest excuse to leave .. lol .. hasdey wasdey raho 🙏🏼
Some “wonders “ are so big that it takes years and years … and some are pretty short – which obviously – you got no idea about .. Some turns into shock from surprises..
In my last meeting with my consultant , I asked about the prognosis of this disease.. and the much expected answer he gave “ well !! Make short term plans . All I hear from “Rare People “ like you is that – we make short term plans . That short term can be a month / week or mostly a DAY. We plan to not tire out ourselves at the end of the day by overdoing things that we could once do easily .Just coz your brain tells you – ( yeah .. you can walk – twice this park or you can work full time 5 days or you can walk uphill or stand for that long , wash your hair, sit on low level seats or simply dance) doesn’t means you should . Weigh every little thing that your Brain tells you that you have done that before and you could do it now. Instead , You need to adapt to your “ New Be”.
My Newbe started in 2007. I have changed million stuff / things / lifestyle/way of thinking/ habits since 2007. I heard from lot of people ” prabh, you have changed a lot ” well .. yeah I had to sweetheart” . Whether it’s my hair length that I can’t raise my arms above my shoulders or my dressing sense – coz I can’t wear heavy ( which is normal for normal people ) clothes . Even single button on my dress sometimes feels so heavy or be it shoes.. I still remember a friend wanted me to buy a pair of beautiful North Face shoes ( they were on offer ) but I kept on convincing her that I cannot wear those coz of weak muscles. But she kept on arguing that – they are on offer. You won’t get good offers on this brand easily .. lol. Well darling , even if they were giving that for free, I wouldn’t buy those coz I simply cannot wear those – simply coz they were super heavy . I actually tried them to make her feel good and they actually felt like elephants in my shoes . Anyways , she bought those .. Lol..!! for someone else .. but the point is – I had to make changes according to my needs/ my body . I wear light weight clothes/silk nightsuits coz a normal cloth is heavy for my muscles . Lol..!! I still remember a teenage incident- a beautiful cousin of mine was meant to sleep next to me – while we were having all cousins sleepover at her sisters ( my other cousin) wedding . She was super annoyed by me in the morning . I asked her “ what happened? She replied-“ I couldn’t sleep whole night coz of you . I was like “ why ?” She said everytime you take turn (on bed) , you get up . Why can’t you simply turn yourself like we do. I had no answer to that . Coz that time my disease wasn’t even diagnosed. I kept on thinking about this concept for quite a days . I even tried turning myself on bed without getting up – number of times but failed miserably every-time. Then eventually gave up – thinking may b this is the way I am .. lol
Throughout my journey I have seen days , where I am not even able to eat chappati with my own hand coz I can’t tear out a bite ( size) from the chapati coz  simply my hand muscles are too weak. I wasn’t able to hold empty tea cup . I have spilled/broken things coz I couldn’t hold it . Coz in your head you think , you can do that easily – as you have already done it before in your whole life and you think 🤔 oh !! its just a cup .. I will handle it lol. But I would certainly not change anything that has helped me to LIVE a normal content life. Cheers to the amazingly beautiful 12 years -where I did & learned New things which I would never had -if I didn’t had Myosotis .
So Basically people adapt accordingly in whatever way they are comfortable in. We humans adapt according to our comfort level in every way. Our habits, life style,perspectives – all change according to their comfort level . May be a guy who ONLY wear particular kind of t -shirts might be wearing those coz he got thyroid and he knows he’s bit bulky & those type of t-shirts makes him feel comfortable or the girl who ONLY wears particular type of loose tops or loose jeans may b coz she got PCOS ( she thinks she’s chubby) .. Not only the way we dress but most of the things we do & the way we think .. depends upon your particular needs , comfort level & life experiences.
Yeah let’s not forget that for some people it could be fashion and they keep on thinking that you are doing this particular stuff coz of fashion. ( got few stories on that too.. May b in next post 😜) . Well some do have those kind of luxuries to follow trend in life but some simply don’t. But we all can be beautiful in our own way regardless of any experience ( good or bad) , disease, life events , tragedies . LIFE shapes you the in way you look, the way you think & the way you do things . Basically , life shapes you in the way you live . There’s a story behind every person . There’s a reason why they look the way -they do. There’s a reason why they think the way -they do think . There’s a reason they’re the way they are . There is always a REASON. We all can shine in our own way with our own light & bring out something beautiful to give to this world .
Happy Easter all.
Hasdey wasdey Raho
Going to come back with a 👊🏽

43 thoughts on “One morning she wakes up different

  1. Shineout and bring out the most beautiful things within you for this world.. You r a strong woman whom I’ve seen.. You can do great things rimpy.. Great inspiration for me


  2. Honestly I love your blogs… U are a champ rimpy… You are such a strong girl… May babaji bless u always… Hugs and love 🥰😍🥰😍


  3. Your outlook on life is amazing. so inspiring keep going girl 🤛🤛 I believe one day you will wake completely different In Shaa Allah (With God Willing)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍
    Great keep it up and never ever loose the hope ……. remember you ought to b on ur legs soon ………

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  5. Hii Prabhjot i just read ur Blog, u r so inspiring &strong girl dear👌 Living with dis rare autoimmune disorder was not easy i know well as m also suffeing frm same disorder but different diseases called Ankylosing Spondylosis.. I know hw we live with comproming lifestyle but still We need to fight back and live d life 😊😊
    Looking forward to meet u once if possible or pls. Connect …?
    Manmeet Singh (Rishi)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Manmeet. Sure would love to connect with my community of autoimmune.We all just need to be super positive in any scenario and take one day at a time. Keep Strong . Also, I am really sorry if 1 didn’t recognize you, if in case we know each other before. lol . Otherwise you can connect on my insta, fb, linkdn , twitter- links on my Blog Home Page. Much Love.


  6. To a strong independent beautiful person inside and out well done, so proud of you Prabh..
    You are a fighter and trust me one day you will come out above all this…
    Love you always…

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  7. Loved the post Prabh👍 I am amazed at the way you look at things and life. Keep writing and keep inspiring. Way to go girl! Loads of love😘.. Take care!

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  8. I actually smiled about the getting up to turn over because that there is my life. As a fellow myositis sufferer I totally understand you. I actually shaved my head coz i couldn’t comb it but hey we are survivors and we adapt and live on. So….You Go Girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear. I guess you totally relate to the adaptations , we need to make to live a normal life . I am in middle of some negotiations with God in relation to my hair .. lol.. Although my present hair cut is the output of myositis only but he has to take it ALL himself or give my strength back- to comb and the fight goes on for 12 years . Hope you coping well . Yes you are right , We adapt & live on. Keep rocking . Never give up . 👍🏼


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